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Must-Read’s for Fall!

girl reading in fall woods

(photo credit: www.tigerscursebook.com)

Hello coco beans! It’s that time again! The leaves are falling, the Pumpkin Spice is cookin’ and the boots are coming out! It’s FINALLY starting to feel like the Autumn weather we all know and love. Here are my MUST reads for this fall.


(DISCLAIMER: As I am a full grown adult, some of these books are 18+ due to sexual or intense scenes. Also, don’t judge a book by it’s cover! I don’t recommend a book just because it has swoon-worthy love and sexy people in it, these are genuinely good stores!)

The Nocte Trilogy Courtney Cole

Forbidden Forest (Legends of Regia) Tenaya Jayne

Crazy Good Rachel Robinson

Crazy Good

Sacked Jen Frederick


The Sea Queen & The Passionate Queen Jovee Winters

Depravity, Deceit & Devastation M.J. Haag

Hollywood Dirt Alessandra Torre

Hollywood dirt

Judgement of the Six Series + Clay’s Hope Melissa Haag

Steel & Stone Series (Feed the Flames) Annette Marie

Runes (Runes Series) Ednah Walters

The Variant Series Jena Leigh

Ignited Series Desni Dantone

The Heir (The Selection Series) Kiera Cass

The Heir


Each book is linked directly to Amazon. If it is a series, I’ve linked directly to the first book in that series.

So grab your blankets, your hot coco, your tea, curl up and get reading!



Ipsy v. Birchbox: June Unboxing

Hello Coco beans! Time for another exciting month of Subscriptions! Sorry for the delay this month but I didn’t get a chance to actually test out all of these products until this past weekend. I always want to make sure i’m giving the products a fair chance before I go ahead and review them.

So lets get right into it!


Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset


Ipsy: This month’s Ipsy theme was “Summer Lovin” and I was just LOVING this Beauty Bag! So colorful and fun! I always love their marketing ever month. All of the photos are so well done, gorgeous and so much fun! The only thing I wish is that the bag reflected the marketing a little more. The print is fun but I think based off of previous bags they could have done something more whimsical. But that’s just my preference!

Birchbox: I am in LOVE with this box this month! I mean LOOK at it! It’s so freaking adorable and gorgeous and I seriously just love their boxes haha I can’t get enough! I’m thinking when I collect enough somehow these will turn into art pieces…though i’m not sure yet how. Love love love! Their marketing is equally as gorgeous, but with a lot less celebrity promoting. I love both!

Overall Review



Ipsy: I saw the preview for this month a while back and I was in LOVE with this Beauty bag!! Not only is the bag adorable (might give that away later!) but the products are all stuff I can use every day! The only downside to this month’s bag i’d say was the lipstick. The packaging was SO adorable, it looks all floral but it’s actually a skull, how cool is that! The only huge downside is that the lipstick is SUPER chunky and goopy on me😦 It caught in every crevice of my lips and just was no bueno, unfortunately. I was really sad! Other than that I absolutely LOVE the tweezers, hair product sample, eyeshadow quad and I especially LOVE the cleanser!! This will be the first product that I purchase a full size of. It just left my skin feeling so soft and healthy and clean and it removed absolutely all of my makeup! I’m head over heels in love. Thanks Ipsy!!




Birchbox: So again, I was a bit put off this month about my Birchbox. CC cream again? I’ll never use that…What is this sea salt stuff? It’s almost guaranteed to be too harsh for my skin…that sucks too. The perfume? Smells okay I guess. Sunblock and a shampoo sample that won’t even cover my whole head? Really? What the heck Birchbox! I felt like again this month I received random Items instead of ones that were based off of the quiz I took…however, i’m in LOVE with the Stila Liquid Lipstick, and the sea salt scrub turned out to be a great combo for the cleanser I got in my Ipsy GlamBag! I’m not allergic at all (thank God) ALSO! It turns out I love the CC cream! Who would have thought! This stuff would be amazing for a day where i’m going to the gym, beach, or any other outdoor activity and I don’t want a full face of makeup but I need more coverage than a BB cream can provide. This stuff looked pretty great with just a little concealer on my bad spots. I don’t know if i’ll go out and purchase any of these (most likely not) but I was pleasantly surprised in the end.

I hope you enjoyed my review of this month’s Ipsy v. Birchbox Unboxing!

Thanks for reading.


Top 5 Favorite’s: NYX Cosmetics


Hello Coco beans!

Here are my Top 5 Favorite NYX Cosmetics products at the moment. I use so many it was incredibly hard to decide, but these are my solid, tried & true top 5.

What are YOUR favorite NYX products? What should I test out next? Let me know in the comments below!


Top 5 Favorites: NYX Cosmetics

1. NYX Wonder Stick (Universal/Light-Medium)

This is probably the newest NYX product i’ve ventured to try and let me just tell you, i’m never going back! For the majority, I don’t highlight my face and If I contour it’s just a light dusting of bronzer below my cheekbones, under my chin and at my temples, nothing Kim K. worthy. I don’t know what even made me pick this up and purchase it, but man am I glad I did! The stick is a double ended product with contour on one side (cream) and a highlighter (again, cream) on the other. It comes in 4 variations. I’ve tried both the “Universal” and “Light-Medium” shades and the both work great for me! The formula allows you to easily blend, the stick is great for quick application in all areas of your face (including the sides of your nose). It’s not sticky, doesn’t make me oily, or break out and it lasts all day long! The only downside to this is that it’s going to run you around $11 and you run out fast. I use this all around the edges of my face, in the hollows of my cheeks, down the side of my nose and neck. I’d say It lasts around a month to a month an a half before I have to purchase another. I run out of the contour almost immediately whereas the highlight I’m left with plenty. Do you know of if the NYX Contour kit uses the same formula? Maybe I should invest in that. But until then, this will be my go-to contour product!

2. NYX Butter Gloss (Tiramisu & Creme Brulee)

These were my very first NYX purchases, ever. I believe I came across them in Target and I’ve been in love ever since! These glosses are absolutely the perfect shade of nude for my skintone. They provide a great gloss without all of the sticky, icky mess that so often comes with it. It’s just that simple! These also are extremely moisturizing which is great because i’m convinced I have chronic dry lips! These also last forever. Great investments!

3. NYX HD Concealer (003)

I have such an incredibly hard time not only finding the right shade of concealer (i’m so light, they’re normally just my skintone and don’t provide any highlight/dimension) but also finding something that will last and not crease as the day goes on. This is that product guys!! I have both the cream version and the liquid version and I have to say I prefer the liquid version much better. The cream one eventually settled in my creases and looked bad. The shades choices are great, coverage is flawless, and it lasts forever and ever without creasing! It’s perfect for me. Also great for sensitive skin and won’t break the bank! Only downside i’ve found is that the applicator doesn’t reach all the way down into the tube, so i’m sure i’ve thrown out almost a quarter of each tube because I can’t access it. However, they’re so cheap to begin with, it’s not enough to keep me from repurchasing.

4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream’s (ALL the pretty colors!)

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you would have known that about a month ago I posted a review on NYX Soft Matte Lip creams and had the honor of NYX sharing my photo on their page! I was so blown away & it just made me love them all that much more. (See post below)


It goes without saying that these are one of my new absolute favorites. If you’d like to read a more in-depth post CLICK HERE!

5. NYX HD Finishing Powder (Translucent)

And last but not least, my champion, my holy grail, my favorite powder on the face of the planet! This stuff is AMAZING!! It leaves my skin feeling so soft, looking completely matte and poreless, and it keeps me that way ALL day! I’m extremely oily in my T-Zone and it’s done such an absolutely amazing job without even making a dent in my wallet! One of these babies will last me more than a few months (only small amounts needed to cover your whole face) at only $5! I can’t recommend this enough for anyone who either has acne-prone skin or just in general is looking for a great translucent powder. Check it out for yourself!

All of these products can be found at the websites listed below:



Creative Blogger Award


Shout out to the lovely wahooliz for nominating me for this award!

I think these are just so cool and so fun. I love all of these awards that I see floating around WordPress. Such a great community thing!

Here are the Creative Blogger rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
Share 5 facts about yourself.
Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do.

Lets get started!

1. I have been artistic probably since the day I could hold a pen. My mom is an artist and my parents are both musicians. So my house was filled with crafts, coloring books, singing and acoustic guitar. If I was born in the 70’s, we would be hippies, for sure! I can’t express how grateful I am towards art in general for providing me tools to express myself as well as de-stress myself. It’s my lifeline through and through and it’s why I’ve committed fully to pursuing art as a career for the rest of my life. And I can’t wait to see where It takes me!

2. I started this blog not having any idea really what It would become. I am so amazed by the growth, the community here, and the freedom to really post or write or talk about whatever your heart desires. Funny enough, that seems to be lots of makeup and Jesus for me!

3. I am German, Scotch-Irish, English, French, Sweedish, and a microscopic bit of Cherokee.

4. My favorite sweet treat is a good ol’ bag of buttered popcorn and some classic M&M’s. Sweet & Salty dream!

5. My 5 year plan includes, but is not limited to…finishing my schooling with 3 degrees & 2 certifications, getting a golden retriever, losing 40lbs, and moving to either Denver or Portland to start my career and live somewhere that will inspire me.

And I would like to nominate…


A Bad Homance

Wild Rose & Thistle

Ordinary Adventures


Real Talk: Depression & God


I feel like there is a common lie that floats among the Christian community.

It’s something that people often fixate on, and hold close to their hearts. It’s a phrase that’s so common, even among well-rounded and grounded Christians who are wise in their years and have Jesus in their hearts…even they believe this lie.

It’s the lie that “God will never give you more than you can handle” or “God gave this to you because He knew you were strong enough to deal with it” wrong. wrong. WRONG.

Nowhere, in any version of any bible, is that statement ever uttered. No verse anywhere. God will absolutely give you more than you can handle, more than you could every possibly carry on your own. If we can grasp that, the question then becomes, why? Why would my God do such a thing to us? My answer? After going through various situations and scenarios, my answer is, to show us that we cannot do it without him. No, He’s not punishing us, we make our own choices of our own free will, and that free will often affects other peoples lives like a domino affect. So why allow the hurt? The hurt, allows us to reach out to God. Sometimes even forces us to cry out to God, deem ourselves unfit to bare the burdens, and give them up to God. If you truly believe that God doesn’t ever give you more than you can handle, I wonder at your walk as a Christian and how you’ve managed to escape all of the ridicule, burdens, hurt and loss. I guess i’m glad for you. I’m glad you’ve never felt so swallowed up by something that you wanted to give up life, friends, family, because it’s too much to bare. I genuinely hope you never have to feel something like that…but for me? I feel it every day. Every single day is a battle. It’s a battle i’m constantly losing on my own. I’ve tried and tried, for years, to do it on my own, because somewhere along the lines I believed the lie that “God wouldn’t give me more than I could handle”. I was wrong. So so incredibly wrong.

I thought for so many years that If I was suffering, it was because I’d done something, it was because of sin, or I didn’t believe hard enough, I wasn’t doing all I could do, I wasn’t giving it my all, I wasn’t committed enough, I didn’t evangelize enough, I didn’t worship hard enough, I didn’t know enough of the bible, I wasn’t enough. If I was enough, then God would take it away. I somewhere along the lines started to believe that If I was good enough, God would take the pain away. I started to believe that “God did this because He knew I could handle it“. So I had to be strong, all the time. Not let anyone see me falter as a Christian. I couldn’t have bad days, because those bad days meant I wasn’t close to God. They meant that I wasn’t a good enough Christian at all, because God protects His own and If I was His own, I wouldn’t be going through all of this….But that’s not how it works, is it?

None of my readers will know this, and very few of my friends and family know this, but it’s something I want to share with everyone, because it’s part of who I am, part of my testimony. I feel like I need to share this because maybe, just maybe, someone out there like me believes the same lie I did. That they’re unworthy, not enough, not strong, and that’s why they’re suffering. Darling, you couldn’t be more wrong.

So here it is. I have Major Depression.

It’s difficult for me to finally tell people about this for many reasons. One of the main ones being that, it means something is wrong with me. I don’t like being that girl. The one who is depressed, the sad one, the one with problems. The burden, the downer. Whenever I’ve told people about my depression, the first thing I usually hear is something along the lines of, “Wow, I never knew.” I’ve become very good at hiding it. But the signs are always there…you just have to look close enough.

So what does it mean? What is “depression” really? “So you’re just sad all of the time or what? You’re emo now? Everyone feels sad. You’re not unique. I felt sad once too, it was exactly the same. You’ll get over it eventually, just stay positive.” No. Not exactly. Depression has many different levels, types, triggers, it’s very different for everyone. Mine is something I’ve struggled with for years and years, and probably will have to deal with for years and years to come.

The following is an entry from a journal I wrote in a few months ago. It’s probably one of my best descriptions of my state of being to date.

“It’s difficult to explain, depression and anxiety. Really, there are many variations and combinations, a simple definition doesn’t do it any justice at all. The best way I can describe to you, to people, is that it is like this:

Depression, for me, isn’t all about being sad. In fact, I very rarely actually feel anything. Most of the time depression means for me, that my “normal” is more of what I like to call a “flatline”. I’m neither incredibly sad nor am I overflowing with Joy at any point in time. If I feel something, it’s for very very brief periods of time. Seconds, even. If i’m lucky. I can emote, and show emotion, tell someone I love them and mean it, but in my chest, my heart never jumps. I don’t get butterflies, I don’t get overwhelmed with happiness or even the presence of God. I can’t feel even that anymore, but I know He’s there. Instead of emotional extremes that people so wrongly associate with Depression (confused with Bi-Polar Disorder) I feel, nothing. I don’t get mad, or offended. I don’t feel love, or pain, unless it’s an extreme physical pain and even then it’s only for a brief period. It’s more of a constant nothingness. And that is my normal. It’s all I know. Unfortunately, it’s also a cycle and that’s where the anxiety has now come into play over more recent years. My depressive “normal” has begun, over the last 5+ years, to cycle into a much deeper depressive state, almost like clockwork. I call this, for lack of any better term, my “dark days”. Such a depressive-cliche phrase, I know, but what better thing to call them? They are full of darkness, that’s all there is. I can almost pinpoint, to the day, when these will happen. It’s pretty fascinating honestly, that my body is so perfectly timed. These days, are exactly what you would think a stereotypical “depressed person” would go through. I cry, and I cry not for one thing, but for everything. All of the things i’ve done wrong, all of the ways I don’t measure up. I endlessly pick at myself, all of my flaws, and this cycles down into an even deeper place. My mind seems to be kind of hulled up, like a dam, most of the time. But during these days, it all comes flooding out. Every shortcoming, all of my worthless traits, they all become front and center in my mind and it becomes such a heavy, overwhelming, thing that often I don’t even want to move. I just lay there in my self-inflicted prison. The best way I can describe this to anyone who’s never gone through it, is that it’s like your body is destroying yourself from the inside out. Your own mind is your worst enemy. It’s like pouring buckets of molten-hot failure down into your skull, letting it fill your lungs and suffocate you, all while you flail and gasp and try to grab for anything, any lifeline at all. It’s horrific and it’s real and I wouldn’t honestly wish it on my worst enemy. And it’s all happening, constantly. I become so distracted and consumed by what’s going on in my own mind that the rest of life becomes like a thick fog. I’m distracted, can’t remember things, either sleep for hours upon hours, or get hardly any sleep at all, I become restless and anxious. And anxiety, well, that’s taken on a life of it’s own too. My body just, overreacts. I become almost paralyzed, or even the other extreme, I become shaky, antsy, fidgety, my breathing accelerates to the point where it feels like i’m running a marathon, but i’m not moving at all. I’m aware, the entire time it’s happening, that it’s an irrational response. I know there’s nothing to be worried about, no one is staring at me, talking about me, judging me, and yet I still become almost panicked in these situations. It makes me want to jump out of my own skin…or off a bridge…anything to make it all stop…”

When I was younger I sought out temporary ways that would make it all stop. Silence the voice in myself telling me I was worthless, and irrelevant, and ugly and unloved. So I turned to self mutilation. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t look down and see all of those scars I dug into my own skin just to feel a second of relief. It doesn’t make sense to anyone outside of those who have ever experienced those feelings. Those moments of clarity where the pain was so bad that nothing else mattered, and you were finally able to breathe because everything else melted away. If only temporarily.

As I grew older, I sought out more permanent forms to silence that voice. I even attempted to take my own life mid-way through my senior year of high school. I had thought it out for weeks. I was even driving home from church when I did it. My plan wasn’t to hang myself, or bleed myself out, overdose on pills and alcohol, I planned on letting go. That’s it. All I wanted to do was let go. So, one night in the middle of the week, I was driving home from a mid-week service, through a dark back-road in my hometown that has a blind corner. You drive straight at a wall until the last second when you have to make a sharp right. My plan? To let go of the wheel, and let whatever be, be. Even if that meant no more me.

I cannot, or will I ever be able to explain what God did for me that night. I couldn’t tell you what the message was at church even If I tried. It wasn’t a message that triggered anything in particular. No major event had happened to cause me to do something. In fact I had felt like I was even more at peace than I had been in months. I just decided, this is it. I kept my foot on the gas, leaned my head back, closed my eyes….and let go of the wheel.

At that exact moment a song that had been playing on the radio said “slow down, slow down, before today becomes our yesterday…slow down, slow down, before you turn around and it’s too late.

Now tell me that wasn’t God. I dare you. Look me in the eyes and tell me in that exact moment in time, when I wasn’t just ready to let go, I did, and those words ring out loud and clear in my car. Tell me that’s not a savior who loves me reaching down to change my life. Those words will forever be etched into my brain. (click here for the song I heard that day)

Needless to say, I opened my eyes, grabbed the wheel, and burst into absolute sobbing, messy, tears. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I just want it to all go away, and I didn’t know how. I had forgotten everything. I had forgotten how powerful my God is. Look what He can do! He knew all I needed was a sign, someone to reach out and tell me, “it’s okay, just slow down and let me have your burdens and your pain and your hurt and worry and anxiety. It’ll all be okay.” 


God is, was, and forever will be my all-mighty, powerful, ever-present even in the darkest times, savior. Always. I may not always feel it, but it is always true and He is always there. This is just a fraction of what i’ve been through. Most of which I could never get into text or words even if I sat for a year and tried. I guess my goal in this is to let you know how flawed I truly am, and that any good you see in me, is from God. It’s all Him, always. I hope if you are going through, or have gone through Depression of any kind, know that your feelings are valid. You as a human being are allowed to feel things! You’re allowed to feel sad, and depressed and alone and ugly, for a time. But there’s a point where you have to read the truth and know that you are loved, and cherished, and promised, and blessed, and righteous and His. It’s a life-long struggle. It’ll never totally go away, but you can share the burden with someone who was more than willing to give up His own life for you, very long ago.

I hope that you know wherever you are today, tonight, this morning, that Jesus loves you. He is almighty, just, powerful, kind, and loving beyond any earthly measure. You don’t have to do it alone. God is here to shoulder your hurt and your pain if you’ll just let him.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I love you.


Studio Gear Cosmetics


Hello coco beans! I was privileged with the opportunity to try some great free samples from Studio Gear Cosmetics, so I thought i’d give you my first impressions of them as a company, their site, and the products i’ve tried so far.

Keep scrolling for all the details!


(DISCLAIMER: Studio Gear Cosmetics runs a completely free Blogger program which I signed up for. They send me samples in exchange for a review/me talking about them. I also receive a 15% credit towards their makeup if you use my code to make a purchase, as most promotional programs do. I am otherwise not being paid in any way and am 100% honest in this review.)


I first heard of Studio Gear Cosmetics from browsing around Instagram and here on WordPress from other beauty bloggers. From what I know so far, it’s a small company with some truly great products under their belt! So naturally, I was very interested in being part of their blogger program, sampling some products, and seeing if they’re really on par with all of the hype i’ve heard so far.

Let me tell you, I am 100% impressed with them so far! They were so kind to accept me into their program and send me some really great samples to test out! I received a sample of their IMPACTFULL PRO T.L.S. Mascara and their PRIME OBJECTIVE Protective Perfecting Face Primer (photos below)

First Impressions:

  • IMPACTFULL PRO T.L.S. Mascara: I came home, immediately opened this package, and tried the IMPACTFULL Mascara…I’m not sure what I was expecting out of this but man was I definitely surprised! I’m what I like to call a self-proclaimed “Mascara Snob“. I’ve turned my nose up at the likes of everything from the They’re Real mascara to the Better Than Sex mascara, both of which people rant and rave about. Not in my case! I’ve been essentially using the same mascara (Maybelline The Colossal Mascara) for over 7 years now, and It’s extremely rare I even think to try anything else. It’s just what works for me. The brush is great, the formula works great for me, it’s cheap, and I’m not allergic. What more could you need! It does, however, clump quite a bit after a short while. The IMPACTFULL Mascara is all the things I love about my Maybelline mascara and so much more! It’s not a super fancy mascara at all, but something about this formula just works so well with my lashes! It’s layerable, without the clumps, it makes my lashes look long, thick and black. The brush is my favorite brush of all-time! I don’t like these spikey, rubberized, mascara wands that are everywhere…(I’m looking at you Covergirl). I’m currently wearing the IMPACTFULL Mascara and I can tell you right away this isn’t going to flake, smudge, tear my lashes out, or fade throughout the day.

Generally, I was extremely impressed with this stuff and i’m shocked! It’s a totally unassuming, not well known brand at all, and here I am thinking i’m probably gonna buy this stuff when my sample runs out because that’s how much I genuinely like this stuff! Really happy I got to try it!

  • PRIME OBJECTIVE Protective Perfecting Face Primer: Okay guys I have another confession to make…i’m completely prejudice against primers. I know, I know! Don’t all beauty guru’s swear by primers? Aren’t they the best thing invented since chocolate?? Well point me in the direction of a primer that wont leave me looking like I came out of a sauna at the end of the day because my face is so damn oily, then by all means! Unfortunately for me, I’ve tried all of the top primers (except for M.A.C because i’m highly allergic) And they all either leave me feeling like an oil slick by the end of the day, or just in general don’t make any kind of difference. That all being said, I almost rolled my eyes when I saw this sample thinking “great, another primer I won’t use, ever…maybe i’ll give it away in my next contest…but I guess I should at least try it out…” 

Again, I am very impressed! The formula is the matte/silicone-like texture we’re all familiar with in primers, but it worked so well. I have it on my face right now and I 100% noticed a difference in how my foundation applied and is staying on right now. It’s still early on so I’m not going to swear up and down that this is the best thing since sliced cheese because 1. Nowhere does it say it’s a matte primer, so who knows what i’ll look like at the end of the day 2. I may or may not end up being allergic to it. It usually takes me about a day or so to figure it out, so I’m going to continue using this for the rest of the weekend and see what happens. Again tho, generally very impressed! I’d recommend this to a friend for sure.


Huge thanks to Studio Gear Cosmetics for allowing me to review some awesome samples…along with giving me a coupon code! If you’re interested in trying some products from SG they’ve been so nice to give me a 10% off code for you all!

Code: FIXED15

Another bonus…each order comes with free samples! How cool is that?


Have you tried Studio Gear Cosmetics before? What would you reccomend for my next trial? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!

Top 10 Must-Read’s for Summer!


(Photo Credit: junxie.tumblr.com)

Hello coco beans! So I know we’re already half way through summer but I have so many friends coming to me and asking about books that I thought It would be a great Idea to throw a list together for everyone! I’ve done my best to break it down into categories but be warned, i’m a total sucker for romance/scifi/fantasy/supernatural/unrequited love/drama so that’s what 90% of these books are. Still, I highly recommend you checking them out! Each book is linked just in case you don’t want to spend the money on it, but still would like to read it, just to make it even easier for you!🙂

If you’ve read any of these books, or will read them, let me know what you thought! I LOVE geeking out and talking about books with my fellow bookworms. Comment your thoughts below!


Top 10 Books + Links!

*All links to the FREE books are legitimate and genuinely free! No pop up ads, or sign ups needed. I use these sites, so don’t worry! Also they are in no particular order. xo


Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover (click HERE to read for FREE!)


Nocte by Courtney Cole (click HERE to read for FREE…p.s. It’s NOT about vampires…or is it?)


Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan (click HERE to read for FREE!)


Red Queen by Victoria Avayard (click HERE to read for FREE!)


The Selection by Kiera Cass (click HERE to read for FREE!)


Fall from Grace by Christine Zolendz (click HERE to read for FREE!)


Significance by Shelly Crane (FREE for Kindle OR click HERE to read for FREE!)


Cinder by Marissa Meyer (click HERE to read for FREE!)


Vain by Fisher Amelie (click HERE to read for FREE!)


Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine (click HERE to read for FREE!)