Hello Coco Beans! My name is Courtney and I am a 24 year old double-major in Marketing and Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. I have a passion for life, Christ and all things Lord of the Rings! This blog is a platform where I aim join everything from my thoughts, beauty product reviews, … Continue reading

Must-Read’s for Fall!

(photo credit: www.tigerscursebook.com) Hello coco beans! It's that time again! The leaves are falling, the Pumpkin Spice is cookin' and the boots are coming out! It's FINALLY starting to feel like the Autumn weather we all know and love. Here are my MUST reads for this fall. Enjoy! (DISCLAIMER: As I am a full grown adult, some … Continue reading Must-Read’s for Fall!

Ipsy v. Birchbox: June Unboxing

Hello Coco beans! Time for another exciting month of Subscriptions! Sorry for the delay this month but I didn't get a chance to actually test out all of these products until this past weekend. I always want to make sure i'm giving the products a fair chance before I go ahead and review them. So … Continue reading Ipsy v. Birchbox: June Unboxing

Top 5 Favorite’s: NYX Cosmetics

Hello Coco beans! Here are my Top 5 Favorite NYX Cosmetics products at the moment. I use so many it was incredibly hard to decide, but these are my solid, tried & true top 5. What are YOUR favorite NYX products? What should I test out next? Let me know in the comments below! Top … Continue reading Top 5 Favorite’s: NYX Cosmetics

Creative Blogger Award

Shout out to the lovely wahooliz for nominating me for this award! I think these are just so cool and so fun. I love all of these awards that I see floating around WordPress. Such a great community thing! Here are the Creative Blogger rules: Thank the person who nominated you and include a link … Continue reading Creative Blogger Award

Real Talk: Depression & God

I feel like there is a common lie that floats among the Christian community. It's something that people often fixate on, and hold close to their hearts. It's a phrase that's so common, even among well-rounded and grounded Christians who are wise in their years and have Jesus in their hearts...even they believe this lie. … Continue reading Real Talk: Depression & God

Studio Gear Cosmetics

Hello coco beans! I was privileged with the opportunity to try some great free samples from Studio Gear Cosmetics, so I thought i'd give you my first impressions of them as a company, their site, and the products i've tried so far. Keep scrolling for all the details! (DISCLAIMER: Studio Gear Cosmetics runs a completely free Blogger … Continue reading Studio Gear Cosmetics

Top 10 Must-Read’s for Summer!

(Photo Credit: junxie.tumblr.com) Hello coco beans! So I know we're already half way through summer but I have so many friends coming to me and asking about books that I thought It would be a great Idea to throw a list together for everyone! I've done my best to break it down into categories but … Continue reading Top 10 Must-Read’s for Summer!